#63#Burning memories

“Burn those memories that hurt you, Burn those old photos that you get desperate to see every now and then, And then hurt yourself more and more, Prioritise yourself first, Heal yourself first, It is 2am and you need to sleep for a better you, Calm down and take a deep breath, And keep everything… Continue reading #63#Burning memories


#62#Live and let live

“Life is teaching me a lesson everyday, There was a time when I used to trust people, Life taught me, Not to trust, There was a time when I thought it is always give and take, Life taught me, It is all fake, There was a time when I thought there is love, Life taught… Continue reading #62#Live and let live


#61#You are the best judge

“Everyone will come and advise you if you are weak, Exhibit that kind of personality so that no one dare talk to you anything on your face, You are the best judge of your circumstances, No one can ever make your life better except you.”


#60#Watch out

“People who know you the most, Will hurt you the most, Because they are the one who know exactly what will touch your core.”


#58#Learn to appreciate

“People compliment the dead, Learn to appreciate the one who is trying to prove and is still alive, World might become a better place to live then.”

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#57#Self Worth

“You get to know your worth and strength only when people who always promised to stand by your side suddenly disappear at the moment you most needed them. I hereby thank all those who made me strong.”


#56#This will pass too

“Not all days are same, Not all nights too, Something has come, It will surely pass through, Today you may be sad, Sure it is that tomorrow you will be happy too, Today you might be hurt, Sure tomorrow you will heal too, Today you might be helpless, Tomorrow you will be independent too, Today… Continue reading #56#This will pass too


#55#Feel so comfortable around you

“Nothing is more comfortable than sleeping with your arms around me, With you by my side, I feel so safe and free, You are my strength and will always be, I have never crossed the line trust me, With you forever I want to be, There are times when things don’t go right between you… Continue reading #55#Feel so comfortable around you


#54#You know it all

"You know how to love somebody whole heartedly, The love you shower comes in front of my eyes repeatedly, You know how to care without any doubt, This is what our relationship is all about, I have seen you waiting desperately for a single call, And my voice is the only remedy after which you… Continue reading #54#You know it all

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#53#Then and now

"There was a time when you just wanted her, And now you don't want just her, There was a time when you only wanted to run into her, And now you are running away from her, There was a time when you knew her likes and dislikes, And now you have forgotten every bit of… Continue reading #53#Then and now


#52#Let me be just me.

"Its ME time, Let me just sit back and relax, its ME time, Let me hear myself, Its ME time, Let me reach my soul, Its ME time, Let me find myself, Its ME time, Let me sing for myself, Its ME time, Let me close my eyes and see the world, Its ME time,… Continue reading #52#Let me be just me.


#66#It just doesn’t feel alright

Sleeping at night without you being here, It just doesn’t feel alright, Getting up in the morning without you by my side, It just doesn’t feel alright, Home is so empty without your voice, It just doesn’t feel alright, Despite all fights we are together and by each other’s side, But this anxiety sometimes takes… Continue reading #66#It just doesn’t feel alright


#65#One Such Day

“I started from home, Disappointed from life, Didn’t know where to ride, Disheartened I thought to myself, Till when? Till where? And then who will still care? I was driving and driving, Without knowing where to go, Soon I realised I have come far away from home, And started feeling guilty for my son, How… Continue reading #65#One Such Day


#64#Slow Down

“Slow down, Why are you running behind people, Slow down, Take a deep breath, Stop explaining yourself, They will only listen what they want to, Stop being guilty for what you haven’t done, Slow down, Focus on yourself, Meditate for self, Work on yourself, I know it is strange, Slow down, Times will soon change,… Continue reading #64#Slow Down



"Time is a great healer, But time is the reminder too, Reminder of things I have been through, Reminder of the things that were said and were not true, Reminder of the moments spent with someone, Reminder of one sided love that needs no mention, Reminder to move on, Reminder of moments that I still… Continue reading #50#Time