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2 Desire to live

“I do not know where my life is going to take me,

Missing youEvery breath is now a burden for me,

I do not know,

How much will I live?

Still, I beg you to please forgive.

I have nothing left to say,


I love you from bottom of my heart,

And I have loved you from the very start.

I am living my life just for you,

My life is meaningless without you.

I remain breathless the whole day,

And wait for just a single glimpse of yours,

But you come and go,

As if there is no one in the home.

I feel so weak within,

And have difficulty breathing,

I like nothing to eat,

With no one I want to meet,

I do not want to go out with friends anymore,

This is a burden I bore.

Wishing for a life where there is just you and me,

Small wishes to fulfil,

Hand in hand by working together,

And live free.

I want to go away from here,

Where there is no one around,

And we both can see ourselves with love sounds.”

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