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5 You Give Me Strength.

“When I was low,

You came up with a show.

You stood by with me,

On our journey of life,

Where you became my husband,

And I became your wife.

Life had shown us various ups and downs,

But, to make me smile,

You always became a clown.

Sweetheart, that smile of yours,

Make me forget all my worries,

You are my heartbeat,

For whom I live,

And you are my best buddy.

When I panic,

You are so patient,

It makes me sometimes irritated,

And sometimes I laugh whole hearted.

You have always given me a reason to live,

And I love you the way you forgive.

You are the reason for my positive aspirations,

Without you, I can never come up to anybody’s expectations.

Sweetheart, our journey will not certainly end here,

And there is lot more to come,

Together we both stand strong,

Otherwise alone we would become.”


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