#51# Lockdown Lockdown

“Lockdown lockdown,
Don’t be so sad,
Lockdown is not that bad,

Oh dear
Sky is once again so clear,

There is no pollution,
And No chuk chuk trains on the station,

No sound of car horns,
No busy lanes with people on phones,

Staying at home is such a bliss,
But there are a lot of things that i miss,

I miss my friends, my teachers and my school,
But learning online is also a super tool,

Learning new things while staying at home,
Art and craft whole day is super fun,

I help my parents in daily chores,
But i miss my visit to grocery stores,

I exercise daily on the terrace,
I am at my own pace,

Stay at home and stay safe,
And let’s take a pledge to make the most out of this lockdown phase.”

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