#63#Burning memories

“Burn those memories that hurt you,

Burn those old photos that you get desperate to see every now and then,

And then hurt yourself more and more,

Prioritise yourself first,

Heal yourself first,

It is 2am and you need to sleep for a better you,

Calm down and take a deep breath,

And keep everything at rest,

Expect from nobody,

Because they don’t want to hear,

How hard you cry,

How deep you try,

They will still remain blind,

Because they have never been kind,

Wipe off your tears yourself,

Stand alone and stand bold,

Don’t wait cor anybody to take the hold,

You are enough for yourself,

Start afresh,

Start from scratch,

This time don’t you dare get attached,

Don’t become a victim,

And don’t fall for this system,

Get up and fight for yourself,

Just ignore them who are coming in the way of your success,

Sleep like never before,

Laugh like there is no tomorrow,

Live each day like your last.”

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