#64#Slow Down

“Slow down,

Why are you running behind people,

Slow down,

Take a deep breath,

Stop explaining yourself,

They will only listen what they want to,

Stop being guilty for what you haven’t done,

Slow down,

Focus on yourself,

Meditate for self,

Work on yourself,

I know it is strange,

Slow down,

Times will soon change,

Tie down those bundle of grudges as for now,

And keep them aside,

Let the time change and then one by one on them decide,

Slow down,

There is no rush,

Stop convincing those who don’t even care,

Look your inner self and you have all those characteristics that are rare,

Slow down,

Don’t stress out,

Intellect doesn’t need a shout,

Talk to yourself,

And learn from your every experience,

Whether good or bad,

You don’t need to get mad,

We all make mistakes,

That is a part of life,

Slow down,

You don’t have to jail yourself,

Behind the bars of thoughts and guilt,

Because everything can be rebuilt,

Slow down,

And take a deep breath,

And learn to love yourself in depth.”

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