#65#One Such Day

“I started from home,

Disappointed from life,

Didn’t know where to ride,

Disheartened I thought to myself,

Till when?

Till where?

And then who will still care?

I was driving and driving,

Without knowing where to go,

Soon I realised I have come far away from home,

And started feeling guilty for my son,

How can I be such a dumb?

I have left him all alone at home,

What if he doesn’t find me ever?

Do I mean to make his life miserable forever?

Took a U-turn, at that very moment,

Reached home safely gathering together all my disappointment,

Seeing him tears rolled down from my eyes,

Hugged him tight,

And I made a promise to myself in the night,

I will never ever loose myself again,

Because I have one more life to maintain,

He is a part of me,

Who is waiting for nothing else but to see me.”

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