#63#Burning memories

“Burn those memories that hurt you, Burn those old photos that you get desperate to see every now and then, And then hurt yourself more and more, Prioritise yourself first, Heal yourself first, It is 2am and you need to sleep for a better you, Calm down and take a deep breath, And keep everything… Continue reading #63#Burning memories


#58#Learn to appreciate

“People compliment the dead, Learn to appreciate the one who is trying to prove and is still alive, World might become a better place to live then.”


#55#Feel so comfortable around you

“Nothing is more comfortable than sleeping with your arms around me, With you by my side, I feel so safe and free, You are my strength and will always be, I have never crossed the line trust me, With you forever I want to be, There are times when things don’t go right between you… Continue reading #55#Feel so comfortable around you


#54#You know it all

"You know how to love somebody whole heartedly, The love you shower comes in front of my eyes repeatedly, You know how to care without any doubt, This is what our relationship is all about, I have seen you waiting desperately for a single call, And my voice is the only remedy after which you… Continue reading #54#You know it all

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#53#Then and now

"There was a time when you just wanted her, And now you don't want just her, There was a time when you only wanted to run into her, And now you are running away from her, There was a time when you knew her likes and dislikes, And now you have forgotten every bit of… Continue reading #53#Then and now