#60#Watch out

“People who know you the most, Will hurt you the most, Because they are the one who know exactly what will touch your core.”


#58#Learn to appreciate

“People compliment the dead, Learn to appreciate the one who is trying to prove and is still alive, World might become a better place to live then.”

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#57#Self Worth

“You get to know your worth and strength only when people who always promised to stand by your side suddenly disappear at the moment you most needed them. I hereby thank all those who made me strong.”


#54#You know it all

"You know how to love somebody whole heartedly, The love you shower comes in front of my eyes repeatedly, You know how to care without any doubt, This is what our relationship is all about, I have seen you waiting desperately for a single call, And my voice is the only remedy after which you… Continue reading #54#You know it all