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#42#Beautiful times

“We will soon complete our five years of togetherness,

With all ups and downs we have managed to be by each others side,

Sometime I made you smile,

Sometimes I made you cry,

Sometimes I made you upset,

Sometimes I made you feel light,

Sometimes there was unending fight,

And sometimes I hugged you tight,

There were sometimes when we cared for each other,

And there had been times when did not even bother,

Sometimes we used to party hard,

And other times we both felt very sad,

Sometimes we were so intimate,

And there were sometimes when we could not even relate,

I am sorry for the times I messed it all up,

I am sorry for the times when I could not shut up,

Hope you will forgive me for all my wrongs,

And help me make our relationship strong,

This is how we are still moving with each other,

Hope this relationship is never a burden on us,

This relation is purely standing on trust.”

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